Wordsmith of Postmodern Explorations: The Multifaceted World of Kasturi Sinha


Poetry has been a powerful form of human expression for centuries, capturing the essence of human experience and offering a unique perspective on the world. Kasturi Sinha, a gifted poetess plays with the words to weave intricate tapestries of emotions and imagery. 

With a pen as her paintbrush and a blank page as her canvas, she transports readers to worlds of beauty and introspection through her evocative verses. She is a Research Scholar from department of English, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack who wonders through the landscape both real and imaged, seeking information from world around. Through the use of language, meter, rhyme and imagery, she crafts verses and poems that often explore the beauty and complexity of human condition, nature, love and various aspects of life. She has been an adorable Professor for a couple of years under Nagpur University. A bilingual poet, who loves to write in both English and Hindi. Her poems, stories and articles are vividly appreciated and published as well as read and recognized in various platforms. She is a postmodernist writer and a passionate influencer of twenty first century. The poet has completed her graduation in English Honors, had her major in English and also an M.Phil. in English literature. Presently, she is pursuing her PhD degree. Here, she wants to invite the readers to embark on the poetic journey with her, make them wander through the realms of imagination, dance with the rhythm of words and explore the beauty and mystery….

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