From Poet to Film Director: The Inspirational Journey of Baby Chakraborty

Author Baby Chakraborty, won a place in school by writing poetry in class seven.Then my writing continued in earnest. First writing in the school magazine. suddenly one day I got an opportunity to write a script after seeing a story written in my college magazine.  Slowly I started working as an associate director, After As a Film Director i working many Film. In the meantime, I work as a song lyricist in a Hollywood album.  Song Name:- “Silently I Remember”, “This is not The Last Word”, “Long Way”, “You’re my Dream”, “On broken my Cell Phone” Music Director:- Williams JARA – UMA These songs are a Music  Album titled “Silently I Remember” which will be available in Boston in Latin America.  Then Acting in Bangla Mega Serial “Jiban Jyoti” Mega Serial Work as an actress followed by “Bhanumati Khel”, “Bijayini”, “Ami Sirajer Begum” in Star Jalsa.  After that I directed many shot films “Durant Asha”, “O-Prem”, “Red”, “Ekla”. Directing “The Wind” webseries  Then work in Mumbai.  Received Odia Film & TV Award on 14th February 2019.  Received the Best Writer & Director Award in 2019.  Got a place in the recent Bangladesh Film Festival for the film “Durant Asa” and got a lot of love from the people of Bangladesh.  Also received an honour as Best Director at the 2021 Bangladesh Children’s Film Festival.I have received many blessings and love from the people of Bangladesh and Kolkata.Besides this, I have worked with love for Bengali literature. 

Book :- Bharat Bhoomi , British Dairy , Netaji Heritage & History.

Tv serials :- I having Direction  Azad Pharinde ( DD Kisan ),

Crime Prtrol Accociate  Direction having (2017 – 2020 ).

Direction Movie  :- ” Momtaj ” 

Direction Webseries  :- The Wind.

Bengli Mega Serial Act :- Star Jolsa channel  “Jibon Joti”,

” Bijoyini”, 

“Ami Siraj er Begom” Khusbu Character.

Zee Bangla :- Bhanumotir Kheal.

Direction Short films :- Durantro Asha, O-Pream, Raid.

Song Lyric  :-

Silently I Remmber You

This is not The Last Word

Long Way

You’er My Dream

Tonight Come on My Love

On Broken My Cellphon

Baby Chakraborty is a known name in Literature & Film Industry. She is a State With National International Award Winner & World Gatest Record’s Holder.An Film Director & Writer- lysist Working . Doing research work for Indian history Development. India history includ that Due more ladies freedom fighter name. Everything is possible if your keep Aim.

2021  Bagladesh  Award Best Film Director

2019 Odia Film & Tv Award

2022 Kanpur Award Best Film Director.

2022  National Youth Icon Award.

2022 National Pride Award.

2023 National Excellence  Award 

2023 World’s Gretest Record 

2023 Bharat Vibhushan Award (National book of Record )

2023 Best Lyric Writer

2023 Morichika Liteture Award

2023 Best Film Director Award.

2023 Femmetime Magazin Award

2023 TESstory Magazin Award

Best Writer Award Arish 2021

2022 Best Writer Award ( Vidrasagor )

2022 Best Poet writer Award

2023 Om Kuthir International Author Award 

2023 Bihar Barti Award

2023 Bharatiya Nari Ratna Award.

2023 Jackhi Book of World Record.

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