Tech start-up comes up with a unique solution to help Mumbaikers fight the lack of companionship

Is loneliness a buzzword that is associated with our fast-paced lives? Yes of course! When outsourcing is the flavour of the season!  Ordering food online is easier than cooking meals at home together, booking a cab is easier than asking a friend for a drop, and connecting over social media seems more feasible than having friends over dinner at home, somewhere loneliness and solitude set in.

A solution to this came as the inception of, a web-based paid service provider that enables humans to retail their time to seek and offer companionship that too in three simple steps and in less than a minute. The platform has no restrictions in terms of age and gender which makes it versatile. The platform is extremely user-friendly, safe, and secure and offers an array of services in the field of compassion care. The web-portal works as a marketplace and aggregator that brings together people by selecting the categories, dates, and time per one’s convenience. One just has to browse, select, and pay and it is that simple to get a companion. The categories for companionship comprise a chatty coffee, a relaxing beach walk, a never-before-seen-urban exploration, exciting sailing, conversation over a gastronomic lunch, bonding over shopping, a movie, a comedy club, a dinner, or shaking a leg at a club.

The platform offers enough scope to select the category and companion based on common interests and traits through the in-app chat feature. One of the USPs of the platform is that companions are available within three hours of booking. This makes it extremely reliable and solution-oriented.

Safety, security, and privacy are the building blocks of The platform thrives on being a reliant source of companionship and prioritizes the safety and security of the customers and companions. The platform does a thorough screening and background checks of all companions before onboarding them and only verified profiles are registered in the portal. The platform ensures safety by arranging the meetings in a well-monitored ambiance like partnered restaurants such as Santé Spa Cuisine, Khar.

For a fast-paced city like Mumbai, where people are time-pressed, tech-dominated and so app-savvy, the platform acts as a boon. Parth Kashikar, Founder & CEO of who has had an illustrious experience working as a compassion care worker in Australia says “If people can be lonely in Australia, which is one of the happiest countries of the world, the situation could be pretty grim in India. India is still struggling to pay heed to basic necessities like food and shelter, turning to compassion care or therapists is considered to be a luxury here. People are yet to come out of the mental setup and would consider twice before spending on entertainment, but what Indians would love to do is simply talk.”

Thus, with the array of services from Mumbai can see hope and can connect and converse with people and make real connections and beat loneliness. Everything comes with a price tag and there is no free lunch in this world, Well so is the case with companionship, but that makes it so worth it.

Prafful (name changed to maintain privacy) says “I shifted to Mumbai last month from the US and I was finding it difficult to connect with anybody as my family stays in Manali and most of my friends are settled abroad. I came across and found real-life companions based on my interest levels. It has been a wonderful experience and I am excited to venture out more often now. Mumbai does not seem to be an unknown city anymore.” Whereas Donna (actor/ influencer) has found the platform as a healthy source of earning and a very noble way of offering her companionship to people who yearn for the same. She just cannot stop raving about the safety that the platform offers.

About Companion Organization Pvt Ltd

Companion is the new-age solution to the age-old problem of solitude and loneliness. Companion is a platform that helps people come closer and establish a meaningful connection. Companion headed by the dynamic Parth Kashikar is driven by the mission of letting people overcome the downside of loneliness and help them find their purpose back in life in terms of companionship. Companionship offered by the organization is strictly in the sphere of compassion. Parth who has worked extensively at an aged care facility in Melbourne understands that loneliness knows no boundary, is gender agnostic, and can hit people at any age. Thus, he felt the need to come up with this unique solution where people connect with each other and share their hearts. The services offered at Companion range from chit-chat over a coffee to a walk along the beach or a day out shopping at your favourite mall and many more. Companion believes in creating beautiful memories for their clients by not only wiping out loneliness from their lives but also by helping them find purpose back in their lives. The platform is based on real human contact under the purview of a monitored ambiance guaranteeing safety for both parties. is a perfect solution to break your monotony and the perils of loneliness and get connected to reliable and trustworthy companions. The platform invites the inhabitants of Mumbai to experience companionship in the most secure environment with people with whom they can share their common interests, and hobbies and network to their hearts’ content.


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