Mousom Bharadwaj is a distinguished artist hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Assam, India

With a passion for sketching that transcends boundaries, Mousom has established themselves as a prominent figure in the world of art. Their extraordinary talent has earned them both National and International accolades, making them a celebrated artist on the global stage. Mousom’s journey in the realm of art began with a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them in Assam. The rich culture, diverse traditions, and vibrant landscapes of this northeastern state have been a constant source of inspiration for their work. As a professional sketch artist, Mousom has the unique ability to capture the essence of Assam’s beauty and culture through their intricate and expressive sketches. In a remarkable highlight of their career, Mousom Bharadwaj was honored with the prestigious Chitra Kala Shilpi Award in 2023. This esteemed recognition was presented by none other than the well-known Assamese actress, Chetana Das, further cementing Mousom’s status as an artist of exceptional talent and acclaim. Mousom continues to inspire art enthusiasts around the world with their captivating sketches that reflect not only their artistic prowess but also their deep connection to the heart and soul of Assam. With each stroke of their pencil, Mousom Bharadwaj brings to life the beauty, culture, and emotions of their homeland, leaving an indelible mark on the world of art.

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