A Journey of Social Activism by Neeraj Sharma: Igniting Change and Inspiring Hope

Neeraj Sharma is a prominent female social activist known for her tireless efforts in advocating for various causes and working towards positive social change. She has dedicated her life to raising awareness about important issues and empowering marginalized communities.


Born in Haryana on 11th October 1984, (Name) grew up witnessing the injustices prevalent in society and developed a strong sense of justice and equality from an early age. Her passion is social activism.


Neeraj’s activism spans a wide range of Women Environment causes, including gender equality, Environmental sustainability, Human rights, Education and Animal Cruelty. She has actively participated in organized campaigns, and collaborated with various organizations to bring about positive change driving meaningful impact.


 Throughout her career, Neeraj Sharma has achieved significant milestones in advancing the causes she champions. Her dedication and perseverance have earned her recognition inspiring countless individuals to join the fight for social justice.

Charitable Work 

In addition to her activism, Neeraj Sharma is also an accomplished writer and public speaker. She has authored several influential articles, delivered powerful speeches at conferences, and used her platform to raise awareness about pressing social issues. Furthermore, she actively supports charitable organizations that align with her values by donating her time, resources, and expertise.

Neeraj Sharma ‘s impact on society extends beyond the present. Her work has inspired a new generation of activists and brought about tangible changes in policy and public opinion. Through her unwavering commitment to social justice, she has left an indelible mark in the society, reminding us all of the power of collective action. In 2020 FSAI recognised her work as a The Real Super Woman.In 2021 ,She got award title of Remarkable Women.On Later she got Women Leadership Award, 2022. Before some time,2023 she got award,Best Human Rights Activist awarded by Mr. Faggan Singh Kulaste(Minister of state for Rural Development and Steel Of India in The Government Of India), MP Sunita Duggal (Member Of Parliament from Sirsa)and Mr. Vijay Jolly (Incharge and Parbhari of TripuraState) at Vigyan Bhawan .She awarded by Dr.Darakshan(Minister of State J &K India )According to Neeraj Sharma Work for dignity not for money or any other purposes.She said help on uplift society increases your goodwill.She would like to see India again as a golden Sparrow. She wanted: that the whole of India should be literate.There should not be too much poverty in India.Every citizen should be aware for their rights and duties of country. Awareness is very important tool for a prosperous country.She would like to India will bold….and to be a Global economic superpower.

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