Woman Entrepreneur from Noida- Shilpi Patni who is the Co-founder and COO of Moon OTT Platform, achieves Valuation of 20 Crores Plus for Moon : Movies, series & Shows.

In a remarkable feat that highlights the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, Shilpi Patni, a dynamic woman entrepreneur, having more than 8 years of experience in IT and entrepreneurship, has steered an Indie Filmmaker-focused OTT platform to achieve a valuation of INR 20 Crore.

Moon was founded by Shilpi Patni and Sankshay Babbar with a bold mission: to empower independent filmmakers and   provide them with a powerful platform to showcase their unique perspectives and artistic expressions.

 Little did she know that a chance encounter with a fellow professional, Sankshay Babbar, would be the catalyst for an exciting and transformative start up idea. When she met him for an Ad films ,she was amazed with  his work , at the age of 19 his movies was available on Amazon prime. Same time many Filmmakers, actors and script writers were approaching them , So after lot of discussions and research they launched OTT Platform in 2023 . They have Moon Originals and also aggregated contents from Indian and International filmmakers.

She said “I attribute my success as a woman entrepreneur to two incredible pillars of support in my life: my father and my husband. My father’s unwavering belief in my abilities, his encouragement to break barriers, and his refusal to let gender define my aspirations have been the driving force behind my journey.

Equally instrumental has been the steadfast support of my husband, who recognized the potential within my vision and stood by me, not just emotionally, but also as a financial anchor.

I stand here today, a proud woman entrepreneur, with deep gratitude for my father and mother’s wisdom and my husband’s unyielding support.

Moreover, her role as a woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry serves as an inspiration to aspiring businesswomen and creators alike.


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