The pen is only meaningful whose pen has guts!

Such a writer whose every word comes out of his pen is something special, the style is different, apart from the leaks, the exercise of drawing his own line… Dharmendra Mishra is such a novelist, storyteller and philosopher of Hindi genre, whose creations are related to every aspect of life. Touches the aspect, there is a depth in the feeling, there is a meaning, there is a sensation which directly comes out of the heart and descends in the heart itself.

Such a sky of imagination where there is fog of depression then there is coolness of moonlight in the form of joy, the bright ray of morning which shows a new path to life, there is also the end of unstable life.

Too much is too few when an endless sky of possibilities is before us; Will mention some selected works of Dharmendra Mishra which people liked very much, got a new identity as a writer.

Novel “Dayra” This novel is based on the struggle and aspirations of some youths who dream of social harmony beyond society and social evils.
Our life, this society is bound in a circle, there are many such circles like richness-poverty, caste, class, community religion which are based on fixed standards.

But in the story, the feelings and waves of love that arise in the mind of the hero are beyond the limits of this society, where there is a sense of humanity, morality, equal rights, justice, for which they struggle with the society.
It is based on a social and political milieu, in which the notion of life like love, love, wealth, poverty, caste, caste is depicted in a mysterious and exciting way through the characters.

Talking about another published novel “Muhana”, it is a science based fantasy which shows the world several thousand years ahead of time.
The subject matter has been prepared on the basis of the hypothetical concept of modern science. Where the characters experience dynamism and stillness at the same time.

If life is a concept or a reality, then first the concept gave birth to the reality or the reality gave birth to the concept? There doesn’t seem to be any difference between fantasy and the real world.
A world full of experimental scientific creatures based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Physics, through the medium of characters weaves such a web where it seems very difficult to differentiate between the direct and indirect world.
At the same time, another story collection book “Kahani Ki Duniya” has been published, which has been prepared from a collection of dozens of stories.

There are many stories in this series which are based on Horror, Ghost haunted, while there are some tickling, laughing and some making you cry which will make you feel human sensitivity from inside, while there are also some sarcastic spicy stories.
In which some stories are based on social rural environment, some stories are based on urban environment, tickle funny and some make you cry. Overall it is a complete entertainment box.

Now let’s talk about the recently published “Sair Sapata: Child Friendly Stories”
The second edition of this book, the first part of this book was also very much liked by the people. Keeping in mind the modern environment based on moral values, this book entertains a lot through wild animals.

The general reader is able to relate himself through these stories.
Apart from this, there is another important book “Abstract Philosophy” which is a collection of many articles based on the philosophy of human life, which emphasizes on the economic, social, political scenario of man from his point of view.
There are some other books like: Lampat, Aabru, Kids Booster, Color Me, Note Book etc.
All these books are published through Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Press in eBook, Paperback medium.
Which you can read online or you can read by ordering a print book.

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