The Krishna Resort: Where Luxury Meets Authenticity in the Lap of Nature

In the center of the picturesque landscape close to Kolhapur, Maharashtra, lies a hidden gem that captures the essence of Rajasthan’s rich culture and the serenity of the mountains.

The Krishna Resort, founded by the visionary Vikrant Ranjitsinh Patil Kaulavkar, is not merely a getaway; it is an experience that marries luxury and authenticity, providing guests with a one-of-a-kind stay and a glimpse into the heart of village life.

A Unique Retreat

What sets The Krishna Resort apart are the three pillars that support its distinct identity:

Unique Rajasthani Themed Accommodations

The resort features an assortment of Swiss Cottage Luxury Tents and Arabian Canopy Tents. These accommodations combine Rajasthani design’s luxury with contemporary amenities’ convenience to create a regal and cozy atmosphere.

Guests have the unique opportunity to experience the allure of Rajasthan while situated in the mountains of Maharashtra.

Scenic Location

The Krishna Resort is situated atop a mountain, affording panoramic views of the pristine mountains and mesmerizing sunset. The birdsong provides a harmonious backdrop to the natural splendor, allowing guests to refresh their senses while being one with nature.

Farm-to-Table Authenticity

One of the most endearing characteristics of the resort is its dedication to serving authentic village cuisine prepared with locally sourced ingredients. A significant fraction of these ingredients are grown on Vikrant’s farm, imbuing each dish with an unreplicable sense of genuine, wholesome authenticity.

This culinary experience exemplifies Vikrant’s commitment to offering guests an authentic and unforgettable culinary voyage.

A Vision Realized

The young scion of the Kaulavkar family in Kolhapur, Vikrant Ranjitsinh Patil Kaulavkar, embarked on a remarkable voyage that began with a vision and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit. Vikrant ventured into the hospitality industry without prior experience, armed with pure determination and guided by his passion for his hometown and tourism. His unwavering commitment and meticulous planning made his dream a reality that has proved to be phenomenally successful.

Vikrant finished his education and then returned to his hometown of Koulav on the Kolhapur-Radhanagari road. With a thorough awareness of the potential for tourism in Radhanagari, he developed a resort that would offer a unique experience and celebrate the simple charm of village life. The result was the three-acre expansive sanctuary known as The Krishna Resort.

Along with beautiful lodgings, Vikrant’s resort offers a variety of extras like a pool, campfire area, karaoke music system, and indoor/outdoor games. His active participation and precise planning have significantly influenced the resort’s rise to fame.


The Krishna Resort is a monument to Vikrant Ranjitsinh Patil Kaulavkar’s unrelenting commitment and entrepreneurial spirit. It is tucked away in the embrace of nature and steeped in Rajasthani splendor.

His transformation from a young boy with a dream to a prosperous resort owner is an example for ambitious businesspeople and a sign of optimism for those who want to realize their dreams. Every visitor fortunate enough to stay at the resort will have an unforgettable experience thanks to its blend of luxury, authenticity, and natural beauty.

The Krishna Resort continues to symbolize the strength of desire, perseverance, and bravery it takes to turn aspirations into reality as Vikrant uplifts his family and supports the regional tourism economy.


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