The impact created by a young businessman in India: NFS Founder Govinda Rajulu made a unique design and smart technology gadgets in 2023.

The city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Established under the astute leadership of Govinda Rajulu, NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA has emerged as a prominent producer of state-of-the-art electronic devices. NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA, renowned for its extensive assortment of electronic devices such as smartwatches, earbuds, and audio sunglasses, was recently honoured with the esteemed “Best Quality and Design Gadgets Award 2023.”

They are distinguished by their dedication to quality and innovation and representing the honour of Tamil Nadu in the technological realm.

NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA is more than a mere electronics enterprise; it embodies the ingenuity and commitment Mr. Govinda Rajulu and his staff have introduced to the marketplace. They have introduced the dynamic culture of Tamil Nadu to the world of electronics by manufacturing every device in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

The products they manufacture encapsulate the cultural heritage of this abundant state, skillfully fusing traditional elements with contemporary technology.

What makes the products of NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA distinctive? Three compelling explanations are:

1. Audio Sunglass:

The Ideal Combination of Sound and Fashion Audio Sunglasses from NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA are an assortment of eyewear seamlessly combining style and functionality. In addition to providing UV protection, these sunglasses also deliver an exceptional auditory experience. You can appear chic and fashionable while grooving to your favourite songs.

2. Earbuds

Comfort and Sound Quality That Are Unmatched The NFS Bluetooth Earphones fulfil the ideal description of a music enthusiast. These wireless earbuds’ comfortable fit and crystal-clear sound make them ideal for listening while exercising, commuting, or simply relaxing. Bid farewell to entangled cables and experience uninterrupted music while travelling.

3. Smartwatch:

Remain Connected and Intelligent NFS ADVANTAGES INDIA Smartwatches are the best companion for a technologically savvy individual. Featuring a sophisticated design and a variety of functions, such as health monitoring and message alerts, these timepieces ensure that you remain informed and fashionable throughout the day.

The recent “Best Quality and Design Gadgets Award 2023” proves NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA’s dedication to manufacturing high-quality electronic devices that distinguish themselves through exceptional performance and impeccable design. This distinction serves as additional confirmation of their commitment to excellence and ingenuity.

Additionally, under the direction of Govinda Rajulu, NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA has made noteworthy progress in social responsibility. The organisation actively engages in community development initiatives and advocates for the employment and growth of local talent. As an accountable corporate entity, their dedication to the betterment of society is consistent with their values.

Amidst the perpetual evolution of technology, NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA maintains a leading position in innovation. Their commitment to quality, design, and social responsibility distinguishes them as a leading brand in the electronic device industry.

To delve into the realm of cutting-edge electronic devices offered by NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA, we cordially invite you to visit their website,, where you will be introduced to the future of technology.

Please contact Govinda Rajulu

+91 82705 73008 for media inquiries.


NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA, based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is a prominent manufacturer of electronic devices. The company, established by Govinda Rajulu, has gained recognition for its groundbreaking merchandise, including smartwatches, audio sunglasses, and earbuds.

Produced with pride in Tamil Nadu, NFS TECHNOLOGIES INDIA is dedicated to delivering quality, style, and a touch of tradition in every product.

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