Gyanchakra: Empowering Education Revolution by a women belonging to backward class

In a diverse nation like India, equitable access to quality education remains a challenge, particularly for marginalized communities. But in a remarkable initiative, Anita Meena, a visionary from the Scheduled Tribes community, is determined to change the narrative. Hailing from the rural heartland of Rajasthan, Anita Meena has founded Gyanchakra, a startup that aims to provide affordable education solutions for learners of all backgrounds, focusing on those who have long been underserved.

Anita Meena’s journey is a testament to determination and a burning desire to make a difference. Born and raised in a small village in Rajasthan, she experienced firsthand the shortcomings of the education system in rural India. As a member of the Scheduled Tribes community, she intimately understood the struggles faced by marginalized groups in her region.

Rather than accepting the status quo, Anita decided to become a catalyst for change. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and a deep-rooted commitment to making education accessible to all, she founded Gyanchakra.

Gyanchakra: Revolutionizing Education

Gyanchakra is a platform designed to provide affordable education solutions to students across all segments of society. Its core mission is to ensure that quality education is not a privilege but a fundamental right for every Indian. To achieve this goal, Anita Meena and her team have taken several innovative steps.

Free Access to NCERT Notes and CBSE Board Explainer Videos

One of Gyanchakra’s standout features is its extensive library of free NCERT notes and CBSE board explainer videos. Covering the curriculum from Class 1 to 12, these resources are available to anyone who seeks them, completely free of cost. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between students in rural and urban areas, ensuring that all learners have access to high-quality educational content.

Affordable Test Series

Recognizing the importance of exams for career opportunities, Gyanchakra offers a comprehensive range of test series for over 670 entrance and government job exams. Priced at just Rs 42 per month, these test series provide an affordable way for students to prepare effectively. By making these resources accessible, Gyanchakra empowers aspirants from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams of securing government jobs and higher education.

Language Accessibility: Hindi NCERT Notes

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