Bhadreswar from West Bengal, India launched an online platform called R. S. Printographics that allows anyone to design and print their own custom t-shirts

Bhadreswar, Hooghly, West Bengal, India – A young entrepreneur from Bhadreswar has launched a new online platform that allows anyone to design and print their own custom t-shirts. The platform, called R. S. Printographics, aims to provide a creative and convenient way for people to express themselves, promote their brand, or celebrate an occasion.
R. S. Printographics is the brainchild of Rana Bag, who started the business from his home in Bhadreswar with a vision to empower people to design and print their own t-shirts. He started the business with his fiance Susmita Ghosh and Friend Gangaram Dutta. 

Rana Bag has always been interested in graphic design and t-shirt making. He used to make t-shirts for himself and his friends as a hobby, but he soon realized that there was a huge demand for custom t-shirts in the market. He decided to launch his own online platform, where anyone can design and print their t-shirts easily and in quality. 

  1. S. Printographics is a user-friendly and innovative platform that offers a wide range of options for t-shirt customization. You can choose from various colors, sizes, styles, and fabrics. You can also upload your own images, logos, or texts, or use the built-in templates and fonts. R. S. Printographics uses high-quality printing technology and materials to ensure that your t-shirts are durable, comfortable, and vibrant. Rana Bag says that
    R. S. Printographics is more than just a t-shirt maker. It is a way to unleash your creativity and share your message with the world. 

Rana Bag is also passionate about Bengali culture and literature. He says that he draws inspiration from various Bengali authors and poets who have enriched the Bengali language and literature with their works. Rana Bag says that he likes to incorporate some of their quotes and verses into his t-shirt designs, as a way to pay tribute to their legacy and spread their wisdom. 

Some of the quotes that Rana Bag likes to use are: 

“আমার কথা শুনে যারা হাসে, তাদের কথা শুনে আমি কাঁদি ।” – Kazi Nazrul Islam

“যে মানুষ স্বপ্ন দেখেনা, সে মানুষ জীবনের অর্থ বুঝেনা ।” – Humayun Ahmed

“মানুষের জীবনের সর্বোচ্চ লক্ষ্য হলো, মানুষের মনের শান্তি।” – Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

“আমি যেন একটি পাখি, যেন একটি পাখি, যেন একটি পাখি ।” – Rabindranath Tagore 

Rana Bag says that he hopes his t-shirt designs will inspire people to appreciate Bengali culture & literature and express their own identity and voice. R. S. Printographics is an online platform that caters to all your t-shirt needs. Whether you want to create a t-shirt for yourself, your friends, your family, or your customers, R. S. Printographics can help you make it happen. R. S. Printographics is easy to use, affordable, and fast. You can order as many or as few t-shirts as you want, and get them delivered to your doorstep in no time.
R. S. Printographics also offers discounts and free shipping for bulk orders. 

  1. S. Printographics is currently available in India, but plans to expand to other countries soon. R. S. Printographics is the ultimate t-shirt maker for anyone who wants to make their own custom t-shirts. To learn more about R. S. Printographics, visit today. 

You can also visit Rana Bag’s shop at Bhadreswar station bazar, Hooghly-712124, West Bengal, India, where you can see his amazing t-shirt designs in person and buy them offline.

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