The verse of the Quran which says ‘Kill the Kafirs, were ever you find them’ is high misquoted– Adv. Nizam A. Khan

Adv. Nizam Ali Khan, an Islamic speaker, during his recent interview in Hyderabad clarified the commonly misquoted verse from the Quran which says, “Kill the kafirs, were ever you find them”, during his clarification he said, “this verse is from verse 5 of Chapter 9 of the Holy Quran, but it does not command common Muslims to kill common non-Muslims, rather this command was given to Prophet Mohammed and his disciples in the battlefield”, he went on to say, “the non-believers of Makkah breached the peace treaty which was done between Prophet Mohammed and non-believers of Makkah, when they breached the peace treaty, then Allah commanded in the Quran to kill them, it is not for other non-Muslims of the World”, Khan said, “this command is for the authority i.e. Prophet Mohammed and his disciples for specific non-Muslims i.e. non-believers of Makkah for breaching the peace treaty”. Khan further said, “The next verse, verse 6 of Chapter 9 says, if the same non-believer seeks for peace, not only give them peace, but also take them to the place of peace. There were many incidents at the time of Prophet Mohammed were non-Muslims were unarmed and helpless and Prophet Mohammad and disciples could kill them, but Prophet Mohammed did not command to kill but to forgive them, for example the incident of Victory of Makkah, during the sad humiliation of Prophet Mohammed in Taif etc. Khan gave an example by saying, “during a war, if Army chief commands the soldiers to kill the enemies were you find them, it does not mean that civilians take this command personally and kill each other”. Further, he went on to say, “some section of biased media and some politicians use this verse of the Quran to spread hatred among Muslims and Hindus”.

To clarify further, Khan further quoted the Holy Scriptures of Hindus, verse 12 of 13th Chapter in Yajurveda says, “Burn down the enemies”; verse 13 of 13th Chapter in Yajurveda, “Destroy enemies whether relatives, friends, strangers etc., verse 44 of 17th Chapter in Yajurveda says, “Bewildering the senses of our enemies, seize you their bodies and depart. O Apna! Attack them, set their hearts on fire and burn them; so let our enemies abide in utter darkness. Khan said, “the above verses from Yajurved does not command a common hindu to attack or burn down fellow human beings rather these commands were given during the battlefield, in the same manner the command of Quran, “Kill the kafirs, were ever you find them”, was also given during battlefield. Khan said, Quran teaches us to love our fellow human beings and protect their lives, verse 32 of Chapter 5 says, if you kill anyone with any valid reason, it is as though you have killed the whole humanity, Prophet Mohammed is the Mercy for all human beings as mentioned in verse 107 of chapter 21 of the Holy Quran. Khan appealed all Muslims and Hindus to love each other and do not develop hatred for each other after listening to biased media and some politicians.


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